Where Trail Tales at Ryerson Woods begins, just steps from Brushwood Center!

Brushwood Center Updates: Trail Tales!

It’s been awhile–let’s get caught up!

We’ll start with Trail Tales!                                                                                                   Brushwood Center has a fantastic program that connects families and children to nature and each other through literature and physical activity. Unveiled in 2014 in partnership with Lake County Forest Preserves, Brushwood Center has developed Trail Tales/Caminando con Cuentos as a way for families to get outside and explore the many benefits of observing and exploring nature.

What is Trail Tales?                                                                                                                             Trail Tales is a bilingual program that takes the pages from a nature-themed storybook and reproduces them onto large panels placed along a hiking trail. The panels include ‘Trail Time’ activities that offer fun ways for families to interact with the nature around them. “We want to offer an experience that draws on the power of story to help kids and families develop a stronger sense of place,” says Brushwood Center board member, Emilian Geczi: “The narrative and artwork of Trail Tales make us more mindful of our surroundings. They help us observe the changes in the land in the contexts of our own lives.”
The latest Trail Tales book at Ryerson Woods, Winter is Coming by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Jim La Marche, is a beautiful depiction of a young girl documenting changes from Fall to Winter. As you walk the trail, following along with the story, it is exciting–especially for little ones–to make the connections from the book to the natural world. The story, very truly, comes to life!
Brushwood Center is going further than a tale on the trails and is creating youth programming around Trail Tales, says program director, Jackie Rockwell: “We are developing a bilingual nature journaling program that combines nature appreciation, literacy, science, and creativity to encourage young people to develop their curiosity in our natural world and give them a voice for expressing themselves.”


Where is Trail Tales?                                                                                                                   There are currently two different Trail Tales books installed in two different Lake County Forest Preserves. Visit Ryerson Woods to read along with Winter is Coming, or Greenbelt  and Nippersink Forest Preserve to experience the fun of reading Miss Maple Seeds as you walk.



Little Free Library                                                                    At the end of the Trail Tale’s hike is a Little Free Library where you can “take a book, leave a book.” Ryerson Wood’s Little Free Library resembles a large bird house and, thanks to Waukegan Public Library, is filled with nature books for all ages. Share a little bit of your interests by leaving a book in our Little Free Library for other Trail Tales visitors to read and take a book home to enjoy with your friends and family!

Trail Tales is an invitation into nature and the imagination—an activity that inspires children and families to explore the outdoors through art, literature, and science.

Trail Tales is free and open to the public during Ryerson Woods operating hours.

To learn about our Trail Tales guided programs for groups and schools or other Brushwood Center programs, contact Jackie Rockwell by phone at 847-968-3343, by email at jrockwell@brushwoodcenter.org, or visit BrushwoodCenter.Org. Trail Tales at Ryerson Woods is located at 21850 N. Riverwoods Rd., Riverwoods, IL 60015.