Mike Levin

Board Treasurer

Mike Levin has a love and passion for nature. He enjoys photography, cooking, hiking, scuba and golf. His passion for hiking and photography are what led him to discover Ryerson Woods. He has spent countless hours photographing the plant and wildlife that live right here among us in the suburbs. He has had many personal experiences working as a volunteer alongside his children as a chaperone on several national and international service trips. These experiences have allowed him to witness the therapeutic power of interacting with nature as a way to heal past traumas and promote future personal growth.

His professional career is limited to two employers over 30 years. He worked for Aetna Life and Casualty for two years following college then for my current company Total Insurance Services, Inc. (formerly GP Assurance Group), where he worked as an entry level consultant. In 1998 with 20 employees, they evolved into Total Insurance Services,Inc., where he became owner and President.. Today he is very proud that they have over 100 employees that have become a part of his extended family. Total Insurance Services, Inc. focuses on commercial insurance and corporate benefits. HIs expertise revolves around their Employee Benefits Division, while his partner oversees our Commercial Insurance Division. He currently serves on the membership board of the Illinois Restaurant Association as well Agency advisory boards for Blue Cross, Aetna, Humana and United Healthcare.