Enriching Life Exhibition

5th Annual Exhibition by Heeyoung Kim & Brushwood’s Botanical Artists

On Exhibition through January 12th

Join Heeyoung Kim, internationally renowned artist, and Brushwood Center’s botanical artists for the opening of Enriching Life, a culminating exhibition of their stunning work throughout the year. With more than 70 pieces gracing the Brushwood Center gallery, you won’t want to miss this extraordinary display of talent and celebration of nature and art. Heeyoung leads the Heeyoung Kim Botanical Art Academy at Brushwood Center, and her work is known all over the world.

Featured Artists:

Christine Brigham · Christine Cheney · Dolores Diaz · Joann Dinneen · Erica Karp · Heeyoung Kim · Meredith Lincoln · Jean Meilinger · Eileen Miller · Monica Munaretto · Pamela Najarian · Ramiro Prudencio · Patricia Robillard · Barbara Rose · Linda Schmitt · Jane Sturgeon · Kathy Walsh · Mary Janet Wellensiek · Susie Williams · Judy Woznyj · Debbie Zimmerman

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