Invitation to Joy

Viewing Birds on Seven Continents by Michael Lewis

April 7 through May 6, 2019

Opening Reception Sunday, April 7 from 1-3 p.m., followed by a Dear Earth Talk from 3 – 4.

A Word from the Artist:
I am astonished by the improbable beauty and enduring mystery of birds.Birds are miraculous. A European Swift can eat, sleep, and molt on the wing while staying aloft for nearly a year. Bar-tailed Godwits can fly nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand, more than seven thousand miles, in nine days. A Wandering Albatross can glide on its ten-foot wing span, without a wing beat, for five hundred miles. Thick-billed Murres can dive underwater to a depth of seven hundred feet. And, to open nuts they want to eat, Crows use cars as their personal nutcrackers, dropping nuts on the road for cars to crush. To further illustrate their cleverness, and maybe their playfulness, one Crow has been seen sledding down a snowy roof on a plastic lid, then carrying the lid in its beak to the top of the roof to sled down again.For me, looking at birds evokes a sense of beauty and awe, and even that rare emotion, pure joy. From a boat on the Firth of Forth in eastern Scotland, I watched 150,000 Gannets put on a continuous and elegant aerial display near their home, The Bass Rock, a steep volcanic outcropping. It is one of those routine miracles that nature throws at us. Words that graphically describe this scene belong to Adam Nicolson, who wrote in The Seabird’s Cry: “The air is pulsating with birds, populating the sky like the blizzard in a shaken glass souvenir, and endless, like the creatures of a dream.”

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