At Ease: Focus on Joy

Four Part Series Running Fridays May 8th – May 29th at 2:00 CST via Zoom
UPDATE: Our instructor, Maureen Claffy, has been under the weather for the last week. To give her time to get well, Focus on Joy will now be a four-part series taking place in May. The workshops will still be hosted via Zoom.

This is a series of free online art workshops to help veterans, active service members, and their families find peace and artistic expression during this difficult time of social distancing and isolation. Each class will focus on a positive attribute of the human spirit that is illustrated in the world of Nature:

Week One: Entering the Flow. Rivers and Streams. The Magic of a Fluid Line on Paper. Relaxation of the mind through Flow.

Week Two: Washing Away the Past: Rain and the Power of Water. Expression and Release through Watercolor

Week Three: Divine Design. Resilience and Beauty in a Budding Branch: Tin Foil and Beginning Sculpture

Week Four: Rooted In. The Power, Stability and Provision of a Root System. Landscape and Community

This series is free and open to all military veterans, active service members, and/or their families, but registration is required.

Register for Focus on Joy

You can reach Dani Abboud with any questions at 224.633.2427 or

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