ReUse · Recycle · Create!

BASE is a source of low-cost art materials with special discounts for educators and community partners. From professionals and educators to students, families and the simply craft-curious, we serve all levels of artists. BASE also has a library of tools and resources, and an open work space for artists of all disciplines and abilities to gather and create

It’s a Recycling Center

Did you start a quilt a decade ago that you don’t intend to finish? Did you switch from oils to acrylic? Does knitting no longer “spark joy”? Artists and crafters often accumulate tools and supplies that they no longer need. We would be thrilled to pass your unwanted art supplies and tools along to someone else who would like to use them and in the process, keep those items out of the landfills. We accept a wide range of art & craft materials in good condition from individuals, organizations, schools and businesses. Please check the list below before bringing items to Brushwood Center.

It’s a Shop

BASE will feature all kinds of supplies for creating art – from paints and brushes to fabric and thread to pine-cones and popsicle sticks. The items we collect will be sorted and brought into BASE headquarters inside Brushwood Center. Most items will be available for sale at very low prices, and some items will be available FREE to educators and Brushwood Center students. Check back often – you never know what you’ll find!

It’s a Learning Center

Classes using supplies from BASE will be offered monthly for both kids and adults. Plans for 2019 include embroidery, picture framing, making jewelry from recycled materials, book binding, and more. Check back for dates and times.

It’s a Tool Library and Open Studio

Some of the items we collect are better shared. Items such as art reference books, sets of specialized tools, or things like sewing machines will be kept in house and made available for use at Brushwood Center or to take home on loan. Don’t have room to create or want to do a project with our loaner items? An open work table will be available inside BASE for you to use. Brushwood Center also has lots of other rooms where you can spread out and create (subject to availability).

It’s a Collective

One of the best resources we can share is each other! Brushwood Center will host regular Craft-ins, where people are encouraged to come and create together. Bring whatever portable project you are working on, or get some supplies from BASE and see where inspiration takes you. It’s a low pressure opportunity to try something new, spend time with friends and also to share your skills with others.

Donate! What do we accept?

Yes, please! We will be happy to take the following:

Tools (in good, working condition): sewing machine, clothes iron, ironing board, toaster oven, electric drill, rock tumbler, clamps, scroll saw, utility knives, pliers, wire cutters, mat cutter Drawing supplies: drawing pencils and pens, colored pencils & pens, markers, crayons, etc. Paper: drawing paper & unused sketchbooks, crafting paper, card stock, origami paper, colored paper Painting supplies: oil, acrylic, watercolor, enamel, or tempera paints (no nearly empty or dried out tubes please), brushes (good condition), gesso, canvases, easels Sewing supplies & tools: fabric (clean and in good condition, no finished clothing or tiny scraps), fiber fill, foam & batting, buttons, thread, ribbon, elastic, zippers, snaps, sewing needles, pins, scissors, tape measures, sewing machines, embroidery supplies, etc. Knitting & crochet supplies: spools, skeins, balls of yarn, knitting needles, crochet hooks, etc. Kids crafting supplies: pom poms, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, foam shapes, Popsicle sticks (unused), stickers, googly eyes, etc. Books: crafting & art books only, please!
ALSO – scissors & cutting tools · sculpting supplies · clay & clay tools · screen printing supplies · stained glass supplies · beads & jewelry making tools & supplies · mosaic supplies such as marbles, decorative stones, small tiles, etc. · stamps and stamp pads and stencils · art wire · artificial flowers & foliage · magnet backs · glue & various tapes · dowel rods · sandpaper · carving tools · bookmaking supplies

Probably, but let us take a look first:

small crafting power tools & machines: Dremel tools, detail sanders, scroll saws, soldering irons, etc. Hardware & Remnants: small nuts and bolts, small nails, small hinges, knobs, hooks, small toys, game pieces, marbles, dominoes, figurines, etc., design and showroom samples, jewelry, any small scraps Packaging: cardboard sheets & tubes, paper towel rolls, jars, plastic bottles, egg cartons, bottle caps, small containers, baskets or bins Nature items: shells, acorns, pine cones, seed pods, rocks, “tree cookies” etc. (please do not collect from Ryerson Woods)
ALSO – picture frames · foam core · sewing & project patterns · ironing boards & irons · unfinished art/craft projects · wood: small pieces only · other supplies and tools designed for making arts & crafts

No Thanks:

clothing · mostly empty tubes/cans of paint, glue, etc. · gallons of house paint · candles · toxic/dangerous items · electronics

This list is constantly evolving based on our needs – check our website for an up-to-date list! Click here for a printable/shareable version. We accept donations anytime Brushwood is open. Brushwood Center is a 501(c)(3)non-profit. Donation receipts for tax purposes will be provided upon request. Have items not on the list? Just ask! Contact Julia Kemerer at 224.633.2426 or