Brushwood Breath Meditation Series

Meditation can have huge positive health impacts, both mentally and physically. Research suggests that regular meditation and mindfulness practice can help people manage symptoms of conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, heart disease, and high blood pressure. This is a series of guided meditation videos, published weekly, to help people find peace and practice mindfulness during these stressful times.

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Meditations provided by Gail Sturm

Gail is the Chair of Brushwood Center’s Board of Directors. She enjoys teaching and practicing Yoga and Meditation, and finding inspiration through nature. Gail served as the first Woman President of the Chicago Office leasing Brokers Association, Past Vice President of Chicago Real Estate Executive Women, Chairman of the Transportation Association of Lake Cook, Past Membership Chair of the Economic Club of Chicago, Resource Board Member of the Metropolitan Planning Council of Chicago, Vice Chairman of Lake Forest Symphony and Chairman of the Board of the Luster Learning Institute.

Music by Hector Rasgado-Flores

Hector serves on the board of Brushwood Center, in addition to being the Director of Diversity, Outreach and Success and a Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University. He is also a conservatory-trained pianist and composer who went to medical school but decided instead to pursue a career in basic sciences research. Contrary to common practice, he decided not to choose between his passions for research, education and music, but decided instead to simultaneously fully follow all these paths to the best of his abilities.

Photography by Michael Kardas

Michael is a passionate photographer. With his unique vision, compassion and mastery of light , he is able to cultivate the inner beauty of each person, place or experience and co-create expressions of Light and Love.
Michael received an AA in Photography and went on to get a BA in Graphic Design with an emphasis in photography graduating with Honors. After assisting and traveling through Europe and America honing his skills he established his own company Kardas Photography which has been exposing the world with Light & Love for over 25 years.

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