She Speaks: The Voice of the Community
A Celebration of the Civic Engagement and Leadership of Women in the Fight for Nature and the Environment

On the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, Brushwood Center is organizing a community art project honoring the role women have played in the environmental movement.  She Speaks: The Voice of the Community asks artists, community members, youth & families to honor a contribution by the woman of their choice by creating a small work of art in her honor.  Contributions can have been big or small, recent or long ago, by someone you know, or someone you will never meet.  Participate by creating a 2D artwork in the style and media of your choice on provided wooden plaques. All skill levels welcome! Once completed, the plaques will be displayed on a large sculptural piece outdoors at Brushwood Center as part of a community expression of support for social and environmental justice. 


  • CREATE: ALL ages and abilities are encouraged to participate! Take one blank wood piece from the porch at Brushwood Center or you can request one be mailed to you for $2).  Make a tribute to the environmental contribution (can be big or small, recent or long ago) of the woman of your choice.  
  • RETURN: Once your artwork is completed, return the piece to Brushwood Center along with the info sheet to us no later than October 1, 2020 (drop off or mail) to be included in the show. 
  • DISPLAY: The pieces will be waterproofed with a clear coating (if necessary) and put on display outside Brushwood Center from October 6 – November 5, 2020.
  • SALE: After the show, pieces will not be returned to you, but will be available to the public for purchase for a small donation to benefit Brushwood Center during our online Art Market: November 27 – December 6, 2020.
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