Healthy Happy Hour

At Brushwood Center, we are passionate about providing enriching nature and art programming for our community. In response to COVID-19, we have created a virtual “Healthy Happy Hour” series to be hosted via Zoom, featuring special guest lecturers who are experts on a variety of fascinating topics. Bring your own beverage of choice, and learn something new with Brushwood Center!

Upcoming Healthy Happy Hours:

Natural Approaches to Bountiful Health
Tuesday, May 26th at 2 p.m.

This talk, led by Dr. Stephen Devries, will emphasize the most recent evidence that highlights how simple dietary changes can make a powerful difference to maintain optimal health. Stephen Devries is a preventive cardiologist and the Executive Director of the Gaples Institutean educational nonprofit with the mission of advancing the role of nutrition and lifestyle in health care.

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Learn more about Dr. Devries, as well as the mission and activities of the nonprofit Gaples Institute here.

Past Healthy Happy Hours:

No Bad Birds

Join us for our next “Healthy Happy Hour”, as we explore the many benefits of birding, especially during the pandemic, with Lorra Rudman.  Lorra is a psychotherapist, mom, animal lover, Brushwood Center Board Member, and an incredible bird photographer.  Tune in to learn interesting facts, helpful birding tips, and look at some incredible photos of our local feathered friends!

Cinco de Mayo Cooking Class with Gale Gand

Join us for a south of the border festive cooking lesson with our favorite chef, Gale Gand! Gale is a pastry chef and was a founder and partner in the Michelin two star restaurant, Tru, in Chicago. She hosted Food Network’s long running show “Sweet Dreams”, is the author of 8 cook books, and worked with Julia Child on her book and PBS series, “Baking with Julia”. Gale teaches cooking classes all over the country and is an artisanal soda pop maker producing Gale’s Root Beer which is sold nationally. She has received two James Beard Awards, has been inducted to the American Academy of Chefs and Chicago Chefs Hall of Fame and was schooled in Paris at La Varenne. Gale appears at many Food and Wine festivals across the country and is a professional Pie and Food Competition Judge. She is the mother of 3 and plays the ukulele. Fun fact– she once made a Peach Cobbler for Aretha Franklin!

Breathing and Sleeping through COVID-19 Crisis

Our first “Healthy Happy Hour” lecturer is Nancy H. Rothstein, MBA. Her talk will focus on the importance of sleep during times of crisis, and how you can find a good night’s sleep in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nancy will talk about why good sleep is necessary for sustainable health and well-being, now and always. 

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