Become a Partner

Brushwood Center welcomes opportunities to partner with other organizations in a variety of ways.

PROGRAMS: If you are interested in programming at Brushwood Center for your business or organization, we can help you determine the most appropriate combination of activities from our menu of nature-inspired art and outdoor experiences. Programming can be modified to meet the specific needs of your organization (age-appropriate, specific wellness focus, etc). Please contact us to learn more.

VOLUNTEERS: Whether you interested in volunteering as an individual or as part of a group, Brushwood Center has a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year, both indoors and outside. We can accommodate both weekday and weekend volunteers. Visit our Volunteer Page for more information.

SPONSORSHIP: As 501(c)3 Brushwood Center welcomes and appreciates your financial support. In addition to general operating needs, we have opportunities to sponsor events, new programs, and enhancements to the property (e.g. a native plants garden).

For more information on becoming a partner, contact:
Catherine Game
Executive Director
email or call (224) 633-2425