Alexandra Stevenson

The New Victory Gardens

A Virtual Art Exhibition

How our gardens are sustaining us during COVID-19

During WWII, civilians were encouraged to “plant for victory,” growing fruits and vegetables for their families and community to relieve some pressure on the struggling food supply chain.  Today, as we all take refuge in our homes during quarantine, a new idea of a Victory Garden is emerging.  People are again turning to their gardens and outdoor spaces – this time not just looking for food (though that is there too), but for solace.  These new Victory Gardeners are not only growing plants, but improving their mental and physical health as well.  The simple act of planting a seed or watching something grow is giving hope in a future where the world will go on and heal.  As many of us struggle to find something positive we can do to help during this time, gardening is an activity that is still possible for anyone with a scrap of outdoor space, or even a sunny windowsill.  What at first looks like barren dirt, becomes a green sprout that with care will one day bear fruit.  We just need to tend it and wait.

Participating Artists:

Alexandra Buxbaum · Robert Richard Graham · Autumn Rosario Hall · Ku-mie Kim · Lyndsay Murphree · Andre Pace · Christian D. Rentas · Carol Jean Rogalski · Gabby Schmitt · Alexandra Stevenson · Jane L. Sturgeon · Kate Tully · Judy Woznyj

Christian Rentas
Flowers 1 by Christian Rentas
Alexandra Stevenson
Through the Reeds by Alexandra Stevenson
Ku-mie Kim
Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) by Ku-mie Kim
Strawberry Flower by Lyndsay Murphree
Covid 1 by Robert Richard Graham
Narnia 2 by Gabby Schmidt
Grapes by Judy Woznj
Lake Front Garden by Kate Tully
Christian Rentas
Flowers 2 by Christian Rentas
Alexandra Stevenson
Yellow Wood by Alexandra Stevenson
Herself the Seed by Autumn Rosario Hall
C is for Coronavirus by Carol Jean Rogalski
Covid 2 by Robert Richard Graham
Narnia 1 by Gabby Schmidt
Mother Earth by Kate Tully
Alexandra Buxbaum
Victory Gardens by Alexandra Buchsbaum
Alexandra Stevenson
Spring Flood by Alexandra Stevenson
Ku-mie Kim
Garlic (Allium sativum) by Ku-mie Kim
Autumn Rosario Hall
All Will be Well by Autumn Rosario Hall
Scenery & Brussel by Andre Pace
V is for Victory by Carol Jean Rogalski
Farm to Table by Kate Tully
Pear by Jane Sturgeon

If you would like any more information on any of the pieces in the exhibition, please contact us at

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